“Timeless Fashion Taught by Coco”

Assuredly, the late Coco Chanel was one of them. Coco was my mentor; I was lucky to know her. It’s unimaginable but Chanel taught me one important life-changing thing (besides telling me to make perfume). She said, “fashion is not forever, perfume is”

“Extremely Cheap, Seriously Chic”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation soared at the fastest annual pace in nearly 40 years in December. Prices are going up for everything, fashion included. In fact, prices are so astronomical it’s easy to become desensitized. I mean, really, I’ve seen faux fur coats that cost well into the 4 figures. You almost can’t get a pair of socks for under $100 these days.

Fashion Runs “aMukluk”

You want to be warm and cozy, and you need thick rubber soles, so you don’t slip on the ice. Sure, you can wear your Uggs or other generic boots, but if you want something with more personality, more unique, and authentic, a better option is to go straight to the source.


“At the Drop of a Hat”

Everyone is wearing hats these days. In addition to those essential masks, we are all donning some sort of headgear to stay warm and protected from the elements. There are hoods, bucket hats, fur trapper hats, baseball caps, balaclavas, knitted caps, and pompom beanie hats.

The Good, The Bad, & The Beyond Redemption Of 2021

We are now bracing for the omicron variant, but one year ago, as we headed into 2021, it seemed things might start getting back to some degree of normal. By early fall, many high-profile events and runway shows returned scaled-down, but live and in person. The runways were filled with clothes that often left nothing to the imagination.


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Vicky Tiel’s Paris Journal: Paris Streets At Noel

I have lived in Paris since 1964, raised two sons, and ran a fashion business for over 50 years and I must say (unlike New York where towers now dominate), Paris is basically the same since 1964. RIEN CHANGE. It was said Hitler couldn’t bomb Paris because it was too beautiful!

Winter Traffic Stoppers!

Bill Cunningham famously observed: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Nothing has more of a potential to be that armor than a coat. I am always a big believer in investing in coats,

Jean Shafiroff’s 2021 Holiday Luncheon

On Monday, Jean Shafiroff invited 62 of her nearest and dearest friends to her annual Holiday Luncheon. It was held at Restaurant Perrine in the Pierre Hotel this year. You can be sure of one thing: behind all of Jean’s events, there is a charity it is benefiting.

MAD About Jewelry 2021 Opening Benefit Preview

Jewelry enthusiasts assembled at the Museum of Arts and Design to celebrate the MAD About Jewelry 2021 Opening Benefit Preview. MAD About Jewelry is the ultimate 5-day pop-up shop for contemporary artist-made jewelry, featuring designs from more than 40 emerging and acclaimed artists.