Men in Skirts on the Internet?

By William T. "Wild Bill" Geurts - posted October 20th, 1997.

We are just what the title of this article states, nothing more, and every bit as male as anyone else. There has been a lot written lately in the news group about men who like to wear skirts. This has been a fairly provocative discussion, involving both men and women from all corners of the globe. It is really the epitome of how the Internet is used to bring people together from many different lands, cultures, and backgrounds to talk about a purely social topic.
We hear regularly from the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, you name it. Anywhere in the world there is a person, a computer, a telephone line, and an interest in fashion, you will find someone chiming in with an opinion on fashion, and particularly with the idea of men wearing skirts.

Typically we are talking about men that look and act like the men we all know, except that they each have an idea of how a skirt or kilt can be made to be a part of our modern day fashion culture. Now everyone has a different rendition of what they think the ideal man in a skirt should look like. And don't get me wrong, I know there are people out there that don't think a man belongs in a skirt. But let's put on our fashion hat and lay that notion aside in the interest of being open minded about fashion and personal expression.

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Imagine what a skirt can do for a man! Man can for the first time in centuries express himself through fashion using those two legs he was born with to his advantage. Yet, we are gasping at the thought of showing our legs, just like our female counterparts did about showing theirs a hundred years ago.

Oh I know, you don't want people to see the skid marks on your otherwise snowy white BVD's. You are now thinking that all that peeking you did in high school up those girl's skirts is going to come back to haunt you. Well, I wear dark colored underwear when I wear a short skirt. Boxer shorts are now the rage for female outerwear. There is no reason we couldn't get a little more sporty and wear a pair of silk boxers under our favorite pleated mini-kilt.

And for the REAL dare devils, the answer lies in the often asked question of the Scotsman. What is worn under the Scotsman's kilt? Why, nothing is worn, everything is in perfect working order! The bottom line is to create a look that we are individually comfortable with. Some men truly want a feminine look to emerge, and some absolutely do not. It is all up to the person wearing the clothes and how he presents himself.

And where are all these guys that want to wear skirts or kilts? Some of them are you, and you haven't had the nerve to try it in public yet. Some are guys at the office, and some are here, on the Internet. However, there are not enough of us demanding skirts designed for men to have a big pull on the real drivers of mass production, like GAP, Sears, and JC Penny. There is some interest on the part of fashion designers who have sent guys down the runways in skirts, but I feel that the way the skirt is going to catch on is not from a runway phenomenon-it will evolve from streetwear.

We are interested in hearing from you about this subject. Of particular interest is what women of all ages think of their husbands, brothers, or boyfriends wearing skirts. We would like to know which way the wind is blowing.

Straight, pleated, bouncy, long, short, or mini-there are endless possibilities that a skirt can do for the human body that a pair of pants or shorts cannot. And why not pop a skirt on in lieu of shorts? Think about that. We can show our legs while we are golfing, jogging, swimming, soccering, cycling, and shopping at the supermarket. I am not going to suggest that we all start showing our legs at work and the finer restaurants, but I want you to think about showing your legs more in how your casual dress.

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