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Valintino Fall 2004 Collection - photo by Randy Brooke
Valentino Fall 2004 Collection

Sex Still Sells, As Designers Welcome in a Modern Femininity...She's Ambivalent and She's a Lesbian...

by Sally Melanie Lourenço with photos by Randy Brooke

The traditional ideals and images of what is feminine are being usurped and challenged by the broken boundaries of what is sexually acceptable in mainstream media. Soft core porn imagery has gone mainstream in entertainment and fashion. The pioneering efforts of innovative visual visionaries, - Helmut Newton, Tom Ford, John Galliano - along with Victoria's Secret televised lingerie fashion shows, Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City, and more recently Harvard's launch of the "H-Bomb", a University published sex magazine featuring nude photos of its students and erotica is taking pornography to the hallowed halls of the Ivy leagues. The face of fashion and femininity is in need of an overhall. The masses have been introduced to traditionally pornographic language, explored their sexual fantasies, the suggestions of lesbian sex, and fetish fashion, bringing all forms of sexploitation to the forefront in mainstream pop culture.

Victoria's Secret 2003 Show - photo by Randy Brooke
Victoria's Secret 2003 Show
After women conquered the boardroom, adopting menswear at an effort for equality, th body-baring silhouettes and sexually provocative imagery signified a greater sexual confidence and awareness of the power of femininity and sex in a heterosexual world. The final frontier is lesbianism in fashion, an ambiguous image of a woman with all the traditional feminine sensibilities, but carrying an overt sexuality that has nothing to do with exploitation.
  Lesbians are the new feminine archetypes, not the Birkenstock Butch, but the attitude that lies therein. She is a woman in control of her sexual destiny, not embittered, non-conforming. Whether it's S&M Dominatrix, strip teasing or role playing, she is unabashed in her love of sexual pursuits, experimentation and exploration. New femininity is reaching its metamorphosis, as it embraces and accepts lesbian culture, just as straight men have become metrosexualized by their gay culture.