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Some Background on the Shows

You can bet there is always a big crowd for Victoria's Secret annual fashion show. Offer supermodels marching down the runway in designer underwear, free booze, food for all, the glitz of a fancy location, dozens of video crews, and you have an event that requires the talents of not one, but two public relations firms! A lot is going on, but little of it has to do with fashion. About every video crew from the western world lines the back of the room, but few members of the real fashion press are ever in attendence.

Victoria's Secret has hired many of the top New York fashion PR firms to handle media relations in a mostly unsuccessful attempt to lure top fashion editors to the event. For the first 3 shows it was Rogers & Cowan who handled the show - but then they lost the Victoria's Secret account 9 years ago to Desiree Gruber, one of their own vice presidents who took the account to start her own agency called 'Full Pictures'. A second New York agency is still used to handle press relations. In the past, it was first Kevin Krier & Associates, then Loving & Weintraub, and for the at least eight seasons it has been KCD.

But there is only so much respect you can buy with money and silicone. And there was less real flesh showing at a Victoria's Secret show than at an average RTW show. At some of those shows the girls wear no underwear at all!

Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show

(All photos copyright © 2010 Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

Randy Brooke sent along a group of 15 pictures from the latest show held November 12, 2010 in New York.

Click here for images from the show.

Victoria's Secret 2009 Fashion Show

(All photos copyright c 2009 Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

Randy Brooke sent along a group of 10 pictures from the latest show held November 19, 2009 in New York.

Click here for 10 images from the show.

Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show

(All photos copyright c 2008 Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

The Victoria's Secret fashion show was once again photographed for us by Randy Brooke. These special exclusive high resolution images photographed using Canon digital cameras are as good, if not better, than any other photos of the show -- on or off the Internet. Do you remember the days, not too many years ago,when it was said that digital imaging would never take the place of film?

Click here for 16 exclusive images from the show.

The Victoria's Secret 2005 Fashion Show


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For the 6th year, lookonline's We have 20 high resolution photos up.

The Victoria's Secret 2003 Fashion Show Photos

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For the 5th year in a row, lookonline's Randy Brooke photographed the show for us.

The Victoria's Secret 2002 Fashion Show Photos

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The November 14th Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show by Victoria's Secret at the New York State Amory, Lexington Avenue and 25th Street. Compare our pictures shot by our photographer Randy Brooke with those of Style.com's coverage of the show by photographers Dan Lecca and wife Corina. See if you agree with us that though they - Dan & Corina - enjoyed having the best position on the runway our photos are still overall of superior quality!

The Victoria's Secret 2001 Fashion Show

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Compare our images to those of Dan Lecca's photos for Style.com and see if you don't agree that our images are the best photos of the show - on or off the internet!

The Victoria's Secret 2000 Fashion Show

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May 18, 2000 marked the worldwide rollout of the spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as it moves to Europe for the first time in partnership with amfAR and Miramax for the Cinema Against AIDS benefit in Cannes. Victoria’s Secret’s Supermodels: Tyra Banks, Laetitia Casta, Heidi Klum, Karen Mulder, Daniela Pestova, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele, Eva Herzigova, Carmen Kass, and Frankie Rayder.

The Look On-Line sent our photographer, Randy Brooke, to cover the three days of events leading up to and including the fashion show exclusively for our service. Here are the some images that help document what it all looked like: beach at Cannes, press waiting outside, models standing on the hotel balconey, Liz Taylor addressing the audience for AMFAR, wide angle view of runway, and opening of runway show.

August 1, 2006 Contours International Lingerie Awards & Runway Show

Click Here For Runway Images.

Contour Magazine & The Intimate Apparel Council, sponsored a dinner, fashion show and awards presentation at the Grand Ballroom, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC.

December 1st 2004 Frederick's of Hollywood Spring Runway Show

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A cocktail party and runway show showing the Spring collection was held at Sky Studios. A small but beautifully appointed runway showcased 24 well-edited looks that were for the most part both sexy and sophisticated to a crowd of about 150 editors and guests.

The Betsey Johnson/Playboy Runway Show

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New York Designer Betsey Johnson featured 30 Playboy Bunnies as models on the runway in her Spring 2001 Fashion Show at Bryant Park. And in addition from the show are a set of (11/24/2000) /

The 2001 La Perla Presentation

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This is a real exclusive! We have 6 high resolution photos from the latest La Perla show held in NYC on November 13, 2001. Our photographer Randy Brooke was one of the few photographers permitted to shoot the show. These images are best viewed with your browser set to "full screen".

The 2001 Wonderbra Show

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The show was photographed by Randy Brooke on August 8th 2001 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. These images are best viewed with your browser set to "full screen", We also have a few photos from past Wonderbra shows.

The "Bare" Beaches of St. Tropez!

St. Tropez Summer 2000 Swimsuits

Don't miss our new high resolution images of the very hottest swimsuits on the beach at St. Tropez photographed exclusively for us. These new pictures are now online. 15 high resolution photos and 3 additional shots of the overall scene photographed exclusively for us by French photographer Alfred Cannamela.

St. Tropez Summer 1999: "On the Beach"

...and the past 1998 summer at St Tropez.

Visit our favorite fashion site for 'editorial' runway photography:

The photographer Lucian Perkin photos simply elevates runway photography to a near art form. This site exhibits some of the best show photography to be found anywhere - on or off the internet. Lucian received a Pulitzer Prize in photography in 1995 and a World Press Photo of the Year in 1996. He is a staff photographer for the Washington Post who has covered the New York fashion shows for more than a decade and he is a good friend of The Look On-Line.

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