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American Master of Fashion Video Series

Ralph Rucci

- New York Fashion RTW/Couture Designer -
The only American designer invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture
to show at the Paris couture shows.

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The 'American Masters of Fashion Video Series', hosted by Editor-in-Chief Marilyn Kirschner, is an exclusive feature production of that is supported by membership dollars. Go to our main news page to access previous 'Masters' interviews by Marilyn with Bill Cunningham, Ruth Finley and Elsa Klensch. And don't miss the original video interviews hosted and conducted for us by Grace Mirabella with photographer Arthur Elgort and CEO of Burberry Rose Marie Bravo.

Notes on Video Interview with Ralph Rucci:

There were many interesting and telling moments during my recent interview with Ralph Rucci for our 'Masters of American Fashion' Series. But I was especially struck by just how much his college education (he majored in philosophy and literature at Temple University) has obviously come into play vis a vis where he is at this point in his life and his career
Not only is Mr. Rucci learned, obviously well-read, and articulate, but he is extremely philosophical and self examining, and seems to be very much at peace with himself. Although much has been written about him, (after he was honored with being the first American designer - since Mainbocher - to have been invited to show in Paris during couture week), there were many things I did not know and learned during the half hour
I found him to be approachable, forthcoming and outspoken on a wide range of subjects, including: which designers he admires; the idea of 'consistency' within a collection; muses and inspirations; the importance of press and runway shows; and the importance of celebrity and the Red Carpet.
  But my favorite moments were when he told me what he considers to be the most important characteristic in a woman; his relationship with Cathy Horyn and what it meant when she wrote an article about him in The New York Times on May 7, 2002; when he explained the real symbolism behind the name on his label; how he defines the idea of fame, success, and 'making it', and whom he refers to as "The Dean of American Fashion."

- Marilyn Kirschner
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