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Ten Best Looks

Photo: Left: Ralph Lauren; Center: Narciso Rodriquez; Right: Prabal Gurung

- by Marilyn Kirschner

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I knew that would get your attention. Okay, so it’s really 43, but who’s counting? Plus, there were so many great looks and fashion moments during the course of the recently ended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for fall/winter 2011, that I was hard pressed to whittle it down. ( (And please, if you were left out, don’t take it personally. You can’t include everyone; it’s impossible to quickly edit down when there is so much to choose from; and these were simply put, my quick, initial impressions).

Yes, this was a strong New York season, and while it’s difficult to single out just one theme or thread (as is always the case because fashion is never about just one thing), let’s just say from the overall look of things, it’s as though everyone got Joan Rivers’ memo, the one that read, “Oh, grow up”, prior to showing in conjunction with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. A decidedly grown up, glamorous, ‘ladylike’ (for lack of a better word), feeling pervaded the shows; there was a noticeable emphasis on design, cut, and fabrication (especially the use of innovative fabric technology): everything was much more covered up and chic, and a lot more fabric seemed to be used for everything.

A certain dressed up formality imbued some of the most traditional sportswear separates, not to mention those active sportswear pieces with a downright streetwise, practical, utility vibe (which pervaded many of the shows), rendering many of them perfectly evening appropriate and ready to go out on the town (Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, and Joseph Altuzarra exemplified this). And while I’m on the topic of active sportswear and functional, streetwise fashion, there were so many hoods seen on the runways (for day and evening), at times, MBFW seemed like one BIG HOOD.

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