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DFR:Daily Fashion Report
The DFR: Daily Fashion Report:

Our DFR blog with over 400,000 page views a month feature exclusive articles, interviews and reports covering the high end of New York fashion. These articles are written by our writers and other respected guest editors, designers and online journalists just for our subscribers.

"Over 1800 senior fashion editors, fashion bloggers, retailers, publicists, designers, fashion directors and educators subscribe to our articles that are directly e-mailed to them"

Lookonline is one of the few independent sites left covering NY fashion. All our editorial is original to us and we do not repurpose or reprint other sources. We also do not devote ouselves to gossiping on the personal lives and/or public behavior of fashion's elite.
Reason 2: Independent & professionally written market reports:
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Why pay for market reports when so many of them are offered for free on other sites? Because anyone who attends a show can express an opinion on what they saw, but the mere fact that they attended the show does not make them expert, nor what they report necessarily creditable. It is experience that qualifies someone as an "expert" and the esteem others in the industry hold for that person's opinion that gives their reports value.

"Our market reports are written by our Editor-in-Chief Marilyn Kirschner. She was for over 24 years a senior editor of Harper's Bazaar."

. She was profiled in More Magazine, and featured on Metro Channel's 'Full Frontal Fashion' TV show. And speaking of peer esteem, Marilyn is continually featured in editorial written and photographed by the legendary Bill Cunningham for The New York Times 'Sunday Styles' Section (one of the very few times Bill has ever devoted an entire column to just one person, the last 3 being French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and Anna Piaggi, editor of Italian Vogue) where he praised and celebrated Marilyn for her great sense of style.

Diane Clehane is our Entertainment Editor. She is a regular contributor to People Magazine, Variety, TV Guide, with a weekly column on and has written several books that listed on The New York Times best seller list. Diane provides our readers with a real insider look at high profile events like The Oscars, the CFDA Awards and with her ungoing column on the British royal family.
Reason 3: The monthly schedule of upcoming 'A-List' NY fashion shows, parties & events:

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New York Fashion Events Schedule For Members Only:

Our monthly schedule is the "A" list of the most interesting fashion related shows, parties, store openings, book signings, launches and charity events going on in New York City.

"Without this schedule you are simply "out of the loop" when it comes to knowing what is happening in New York fashion."

. Our listings includes complete contact information: who is sponsoring the event, who is handling the event for the press, and we include their phone/fax number and/or e-mail address.
Reason 4: Know Who's Who in NY fashion public relations:
Screen shot of opening page of Who's Who in NY Fashion PR The Historical Guide to New York's Fashion Public Relations Firms For Members Only:

This is the famous "Who's Who" list of of 85 fashion public relations firms in New York (Updated January, 2012). The directory (click here to see sample listing) includes bios on who runs them, areas of expertise, website, phone, fax & e-mail addresses, and who their current or recent past fashion accounts are or were.

"This unique directory is a great "insider" resource into one of the most important areas of fashion. These firms are the "gatekeepers" of the fashion industry."

This directory is especially useful because it tells you who all the "players" are and it gives you information usually reserved for fashion insiders. In addition, quite a number of our subscribers have credited this directory in helping them find their first jobs in New York fashion.

'Who's Who in New York Fashion PR' is a unique directory - found nowhere else at any price - that is continually being updated. It is well worth the subscription price to our service alone!
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