"Mom, Maggie & the Internet"

By Chauncey Zalkin

Here's the story: model mom and computer novice, Maureen, finds top fashion model daughter Maggie Rizer's picture on the internet and decides to e-mail the web site's editor to see if he has other pictures of her. He immediately responds and helps her to find more pictures of her daughter. They begin a correspondence that leads to this interview.

People say that technology has depersonalized our interactions with each other. But how long do you think it would have taken Maureen to find Maggie in a fashion trade magazine ten years ago, fax that magazine, receive a response, and get help finding more pictures of her daughter?

The convenience and swiftness of contacting the on-line editor made correspondence that much easier, bringing the reader closer to the editor. We've come a long way and all those naysayers and cynics out there better take a second look at fashion and the internet. You better believe that the web is important to the fashion industry -just as it is to all major industries -if you want to be a player in the future of communication. It's just that simple.


The model "Maggie Rizer"