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Fashion Roundtable: An Interview with Three Leading Black Fashion Journalists


Constance: A defining moment is seeing how truly a fashion show can transport you. I saw the perfect show in the mid-nineties. It was one of Helmut Lang's shows in Paris and I said to myself, "This guy is a genius." that was the first time I saw a collection that was perfect from beginning to end. My greatest praise for a collection is you can wear the clothes.

Teri: My moment was a Mizrahi show because it was so much fun. I have a better one: the Christian Lacroix show in 1987 at the World Financial Center. I worked backstage.

Robin: I was there when Tom Ford did the short djellabas and the ruby loafers. It was an eye opener. There was news on the runway. We were witnessing the revival of a fashion house, the cult of celebrity and a business story all coming together at once. On another plane, I was in the audience in Paris, now working for the Post and in a much better seat than my previous job. A publicist I'd met a few times earlier, and I can't report how mean and nasty she was, came over and introduced herself as if she had never met me before. It was then that I realized it's not personal, it's about the publication you work for. All that anger and frustration I had before evaporated.

Constance: Of course it depends on who does the viewing. I appreciated the glamour of being a top journalist when I took my mom to the shows when I was at Elle. I t was then that I saw things through her eyes. She loved all the goodies and attention. "This man, Karl Lagerfeld, sends flowers," she told me. She was impressed.

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