The New York Fall/Winter 2010 Collections:
A ‘Platform’ for Change

Calvin Klein Fall 2010 Collection

- by Marilyn Kirschner

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When the tents folded up on Thursday evening immediately following the Tommy Hilfiger show, (the last of the fall 2010 season) it not only marked the end of another fashion week, or another fashion season, but the end of an era. Next season, as everyone knows, the fashion troops and a veritable army of fashionistas will march into their new home, Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park (and with all the military around, both on and off the runways, I can say that literally). There’s no doubt about it, a lot will change come September.

Leaving Bryant Park was hardly the optimum choice (nobody can dispute its amazingly convenient, practical central location; and we’ve all gotten so darn used to it through the years- it’s become like a home away from home). That said, the fashion world seems to have made peace with the move and unsurprisingly, most if not all have expressed a great deal of excitement and optimistic anticipation surrounding the prospect of being situated in such a symbolic, famed, and heralded piece of New York real estate as Lincoln Center, the iconic center (cultural epicenter actually) of the performing arts in Manhattan. Hopefully, this will help ‘up’ the game, so to speak.