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Halloween Treats

Look What Just Popped Up:

Just in time for the Holidays, Harry & David, the legendary gourmet gift company, will plant 16 “Pop-Up Orchards” in cities from New York to Los Angeles. The orchards, designed by Rockwell Group, will offer an interactive shopping experience using state of the art technology. To commemorate their 75th anniversary, Harry & David has updated their catalog and on-line products, but you will still find traditional favorites like Moose Munch and Royal Riviera Pears. .

Harry & David Orchard Stores
In select cities nationwide from October 2010 through January 2011


String Them Along:

There is nothing scary about this little ghost. It is part of an adorable collection of characters from Kamibashi called The Original String Doll Gang. Each one is Fair Trade made in Thailand from one continuous piece of string and comes with an attached keyring. Every String Doll has a fabric tag printed with its name and special inspirational power. There is one for every occasion.

The Original String Doll Gang Ghost, $10.00

Nut Free Sweets:

Sun Cups are a delicious, nut free, gluten free and dairy free alternative to peanut butter cups. They are made by Boulder, Colorado based chocolatier, Seth Ellis, using all natural, organic ingredients and they are Fair Trade and Kosher certified. Each 1.5 oz. package contains two milk or dark chocolate cups.

Sun Cups, MSRP: $1.99

A Bright Idea:

Stay safe this Halloween night with the Duracell Daylite 3-AAA LED Flashlight. It is small and lightweight and fits easily in a purse or bag, but it shines 20X brighter than standard 5mm LED flashlights. Duracell Daylites have 5X the battery life of incandescent flashlights so this one won’t wear out while you are trick or treating.

Duracell Daylite 3-AAA LED Flashlight, MSRP: $30.93

Curls, Curls, Curls:

The Sultra Bombshell will curl your hair into party perfect ringlets in half the time of traditional curling irons. The one-inch rod barrel heats quickly to a constant 360 degrees and because it has no clip you won’t have unwanted lines ruining your curls or waves. Kyocera Ceramic Technology repairs your hair as you wrap it around the barrel to create frizz free looks. The Bombshell comes with a protective heat pad and a pink safety glove.

Sultra Bombshell Curling Iron, $136.00

Chill Chasers:

These cute, colorful mittens from Kate Spade speak for themselves, while keeping your fingers cozy and warm. Choose from the bright yellow “Taxi” design or the “Hi 5” style in white. They will let your hands do the talking even on the coldest of fall days. .

Kate Spade Mittens, $65.00
Lord & Taylor, Fifth Avenue, New York

A Perfect Match:

Casio, creator of the iconic BabyG and G-Shock watches, has teamed up with the contemporary clothing brand, Hellz Bellz, to design two edgy new watches for the BabyG line. Hellz Bellz founder, Lanie Alabanza, looked to the ‘80’s for inspiration for the Polka Dot Watch. The Taxi Cab Watch pays tribute to New York City, where Hellz Bellz was born.

Casio Polka Dot Watch (BG5600HZ-7) and Taxi Cab Watch (BG5600HZ-9), $89.00
Select Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s Stores

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